Virgin Media - £50 Credit + Free installation

At Virgin Media, we think one good turn deserves another. So if you think a friend would enjoy superfast broadband and a feast of digital TV channels as much as you do, refer them to Virgin Media and you’ll both get £50 off your next bill, free installation worth £50.

Sign up online to Virgin Media’s incredible broadband and TV bundles or take out one of their fantastic phone or SIM deals online, and you can bag up to £50 cash. Click the link below.

Sign up over the phone on 0800 052 0811. Have a chat with one of the Virgin Media team about their amazing deals over the phone. Quote the referral code when you sign up to get a rewarded with up to £50 cash.

Reward code: KJHXSWUZ

Rewards OverView

* Any broadband, TV or home phone package - Reward £50


* Total handset value between £800 and £1,199 - Reward £25

* Total handset value less than £499 - Reward £10

* Total handset value between £500 and £799 - Reward £15

* Total handset value between £1,200 and £1,499 - Reward £35

* Total handset value over £1,500 - Reward £50

SIM Only

* SIM Only (Monthly cost less than £10) - Reward £5

* SIM Only (Monthly cost between £11 and £24) - Reward £10

* SIM Only (Monthly cost greater than £25) - Reward £15


Rewards expressed in % refer to the net purchase value. Sales tax, shipping and other charges included in the purchase price will not contribute to the reward or cashback value. Rewards or Cashback may not be awarded in conjunction with voucher codes.

SKY TV - £75 Prepaid Mastercard

Receive a £75 prepaid Mastercard when you sign up for Sky TV as a new customer using this referral code. Enjoy the widest selection of TV you can get in the UK.

Please message us your full name, email address. So we can input your details into the Sky website where you will receive an email instantly with a unique link. No data is kept.

Note, Sky keeping changing their offers from £50, £75, £100 mastercards. Message us for the latest offer.

SKY TV - £75
Plusnet rewards

Sign up you’ll automatically get 75p (broadband) or 50p (phone) taken off your bill, once you refer someone to join.

Plusnet - Coming Soon
Hyperoptic - £25 Credit

1. Visit to check availability and offers

2. Place an order for a 12 month subscription

3. When asked how you heard about us, select I was referred by “”

4. Enter the following email address: PM me for email address, we will reply promptly.

£25 bill credit will be applied once your account has been active for 30 days.